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                         ACNE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS




  • TEEN ACNE TREATMENT 1st visit (50 min.) $65
  • TEEN MAINTENANCE Pkg of 4 (30 min.) sessions $200

  • AlumierMD ACNE TREATMENT (60 min. + follow-up visit) $150
  • ADULT ACNE MANAGEMENT Pkg of 3 (35 min.) sessions $200





Skinnergy offers skin care treatments for acne prone skin. We recommend a skin care program for teens and adults to help manage breakouts and prevent new ones from forming. Using AlumierMD products, we offer deep cleansing facials, different peels of various strengths and medical grade ingredients to address these issues. We combine products & specific modalities to remove dead skin, minimize congestion and kill p.acne bacteria with an effective home care system for progressive results. Skinnergy customizes a skin care program to manage your acne for clearer smoother skin.







Using high sonic waves, this scrubber creates oscillation to remove dead skin from the surface along with dirt and grease from the pores.






An advanced phototherapy technology with blue LED light that kills the p.acne bacteria and red LED light to promote cellular renewal, repair and calming of any redness or inflammation. 







Combines Salicylic, Glycolic and Amino Acids, Resorcinol and Olygopeptides for a chemical exfoliation to clarify and smooth out  complexions and brighten the skin.







A manual exfoliation procedure using professional Diamond Dermabrasion technology to renew and smooth out the skin’s surface.